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SUMMER Beatmix - You have to get it !


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Hi fellow BW lovers,


Do you love Summer ?

Do you love to get a beatmix for free ?

Do you love my work ?


Download the produced file and give Me at least a reply and if you are a real good human being use "that reputation" button (Y)


ps :

- 1 file is the final cut as it is broadcasted at my project GKRadio Europe (including the ID VOX)

- the other file "Ground Loop ...." is yours for free :)

produced cut = 256kbps 44.1kHz stereo

(by using your headphone you gonna hear some special left/right effects)


Enjoy !

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Frank, the rep button is located on the upper right hand corner of the member's post, it's marked with a scale that looks like it's used by the Justice Dept. , or in a produce dept, or in a science lab.


I hope I explained it clearly enough....

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