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Shoutcast Radio Panel


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Hi people

before i get to the point can i just say this is a nice forum

now the point


i have shoutcast server running on a vps that works fine

but im trying to setup a panel called Radio dj panel v3

i keep getting the error No database selected

i give it all of my sql details that it wants and can connect

i dont know what to do can someone help me or give me the name of a better radio panel




PS:not sure if in right section

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Hi Jamie,


Welcome to BW !

I guess its gonna work out if you take a look at this link :


(Broadcasting Gear and software)


Be a little patience - to several countries its a holiday weekend (so lots of people are out with the family) ... and if you don't get the right solutions post it once again to the link on top of this

if so ask James or an other Admin to delete this original one and re-post it into the right section

Good luck and enjoy BW

ps : the "introduce section" is most important to post some details about yourself

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Its overrated.


Design one from scratch.


Another thing is that DJ panel wont tell you anything that is not on your DNAS / Admin page for SC/IC


WAAAY overrated. If you want to talk to the re-developer of it, Darknass, Hes over on the forums of Icecast.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Thats the use when its anything mysql related. And i develop sites for a living ;) Im not an idiot either but those are two obvious questions that are usually correct ;)


Very true. I feel like a complete idiot when I have the connection details wrong, or when I think I've added the tables to the database and didnt...whoops ;)

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