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What software do you use to podcast?

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well I guess u can call what we do pod casting, etc


we use Spacial Audio's SAM Broadcaster http://www.spacialaudio.com




http://www.spacialaudio.com/products/sa ... atrix.html


Screen Shots


http://www.spacialaudio.com/products/sa ... shots.html




http://www.spacialaudio.com/support/vid ... m/sam.html






If you are interested let me know will get you a refefral link!

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Hi JJ...


Save as a wave file then get a good Mp3 converter...There are free ones that are available and wma ones as well,wma is by far the most superior,near Broadcast Quality..and a lot better than MP3,still for podcasting from audacity....Just save as a wave file then use your Mp3 software to convert it to an Mp3...I use CBR at 192kbps and 160kbps...for music...Although i can't directly answer your question,as i use Adobe Audition...check out Cool Edit Pro,just as good and comes with MP3pro codec built into the software...


Hope this Helps!!!!..



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Thanks for your replys.


So is there not some software that lets you add audio, mp3 etc, add voice, jingles and then save it as an mp3 to upload as a podcast? Do you have to use seperate software to convert?


Also what is the best software for beginners for making a playlist?


Thanks everyone



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hi jonny, ok so you have decided to go the podcast route,

Before you worrie about jingles,voice playlist etc,

what we need to know is where is the source coming from ?

turntables+ mixer, cdj+mixer, microphone, mp3's on the same pc,

All this will need to be set up before you go anywhere,

there is plenty of recording software out there where no conversion is needed

so the file will ''saved as'' for instance @ 128kbps jonnyspodcast1.mp3

So let us know what you plan on using to do this and 1 step @ a time :D

cheers andy

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi I use Cool Edit Pro and I find it will do virtually anything you want to do audio wise.Yes it is getting a bit old but it still has fantastic features which I discover every day. Love playing around with the vocoder facility to make retro vo's. Can be found very reasonably on Ebay. If you have the money get Adobe Audition 3 which is a great programme.(Adobe bought Cool Edit Pro and made Audition 1.5 then 2 and now recently version 3. The Audtion 3 reatails around £350.







Hi Andy,


At the moment all the mp3's and jingles will be from my hard drive and the voice from microphone.


Any more info just give me a shout.


Cheers for your help



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I used to use Cool Edit Pro, and way back in the digital stone ages I used SAW by Syntrillium. From Cool Edit, I upgraded to Adobe Audition 1.5 and very recently bought Audition 3. Very nice program and easy to use. Lots of great effects and VST plugins available.
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yeah, how is adobe audition? i havent upgraded from cool edit pro yet.. is it the same features?

It's essentially the same, but with the Adobe Skin, and probably easier to use..it's been awhile since I used Cool Edit, so I don't remember any real BIG differences, probably more effects and VST plug Ins

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