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A few dry liners please

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Hey Guys


I'm starting a little online radio station and need a few dry lines if possible.


It would be greatly appreciated. :)


Dry Line 1 "Xplicit Radio Online"

Dry Line 2 "We're Blazing HOTT!"

Dry Line 3 "The best in Bajan Radio"

Dry Line 4 "Your listening to Xplicit Radio Online"

Dry Line 5 "Xplicit Radio.... keeping you hooked every weekend"

Dry Line 6 "The best online radio station station in barbados"

Dry Line 7 "Soca, hip hop, R&B, even gospel... it's all here....Xplicit Radio Online!"


xplicit pronounced as explicit





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(Broadcaster, not a VO guy)


You may have missed the few guidelines for requesting a VO that pop out at every corner. You need to contribute to these great forums before your allowed that privledge.


Ask some questions.


Make some friends.


talk about your learnings of running a station.


Take some time to learn from some seasoned veterins here.




THEN TRY to request a VO. Its not too much to ask, and at the cost of "free" its an offer you cant really refuse.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Hi Steven,

As quoted by BS on top of this .. first Introduce Yourself

BW is a forum to broadcasters in general .. so We are talking at BW about "more" than free VOs

As new member you only need at least 5 posts before you can add a request

However a request is seen as a request for 1 untill 2 liners

7 at once is way too much "or" you have to post your request at the "BW Market Place" where pro-VOs can make a reply to your post by announcing their rates to make and produce them.

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Thanks Steven for your reply


To find the "Market Place" at BW .. check out the tab "Imaging" and select "Market Place"

Very usefull if you need more liners and pro-VOs gonna propose you their best price for the package


I am not a broadcaster but rather a VO. I have been to the Imaging Market Place and I find only a sample listing. Am I doing something wrong or are you still waiting for the first to take advantage of this?

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Hi Sean,

If possible forward your question by PM to James (the owner) .. He can tell you all about it .. James created that section

I guess after a message/request received replies .. its getting deleted automatic by the datasystem

Am I doing something wrong or ...

Hope this was usefull

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