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VoiceOver Please!


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Hey Everybody, hope everyone is doing well!


I have a graduation party I am DJing for 12 hours straight for free on saturday, but hey its family and also for me as I am graduating friday from college! I was just hoping a voice over artist will do 3 voice overs for me, please and thank you to the man or woman that do so!!


"It's time to crank up the heat with DJ Kashie"


"Welcome to the party of the year with DJ Kashie"


"DJ Kashie" - possible to echo and fade out


Kashie is Pronounced Kashi like the cereal, if you were wondering on how to say it.


Also, if possible made to sound like the "Movie Man!"


I Appreciate and will give reputation to anyone or all that do this, I also appreciate the time you take off to do this for me.


Thank You to all Voice Over Artists!!



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actually.. I just fixxed the mistake... took me a while to figure it out V/O wizard, but what I did was reconverted the .mp3 to a .mp3 and now it works perfectly fine on both the DJ Software and Windows Media Player. I cant give a reason to why it worked out like that.. but it did.. Thank You!
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That is true!, but its a joint graduation party for me, and my 2 cousin sisters, which one graduated from med school, and one that graduated from UCONN!, BUT I'm the DJ, lol see how that works.. haha.. yea i know i talk to much.. but anyways I wanted a voice over with their name's in it like, really idk what to say, lol oh man this is so bad.. umm Congradulations to Smitha and Swetha, Time to Party with DJ KASHIE or something like that!!




Smitha (SMITH-AH)

Swetha (SWAY-TH-AH)


but thank you to all.. love ya guys (No Homo)




p.s. I don't want it totally to be dry, like a "movie man" voice, some scratching in it or something idk.. something unique. Please and Thank You!!

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