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Anyone speak russian?

Brutish Sailor

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My Babel Fish translator says :

"And after the mountains the people"


If you wanna give it a try yourself .. link to :


put your text into the top window

open the dropdown menu (aka Selecteer de van ... )

choose - almost at the bottom of the menu - Russisch naar Engels

and hit "Vertalen"


This site is made in Dutch .. but I guess you can figure out what the basic tools mean


PS : if you find "somewhere" a Russian VO ... I can use one :)

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Hi Frank,


Well its already a while that I need some basic Russian liners to my project.

They don't have to be that long ...

For reason that I don't know any Russian language ... following some examples who could be translated ... such as :

- Welcome to GKRadio Europe The Happy Feeling

- Request your choice of music _ visit www.gkradio.eu

the callname is pronounced as G K Radio Europe - so the callname don't may be translated

I have a russian friend that i see from time to time what do you need i can call him up and ask him if he will do something

If that could be done .. it would be great ... I'm already a loooong time in search for any Russian voice

Main idea is :

there is currently a random play of International station promo's : for example in Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Brasilian etc etc

Those that I still don't have aka didn't found are Spanish, Russian and Chinese :)

About the VOX sample you uploaded .. I'm going to my Mothers place right now .. so I'm gonna be back late this evening (my local time)

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