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Welcome to BW! Take a look around the site, ask questions, and dont forget to give answers! We hope you enjoy it!

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What do you mean by narrator? Cartoons? stories?

Hi again all! And yea, I will introduce myself more. :) And don't care about my english. I don't know english grammar 100%.;)


I have been narrator in many dramas made by finnish local teens. So not in TV yet, hah. As a presenter and dj I have been for 5 years now, and my present job as a presenter in NERadio International includes 2 hours of live shows per week now. I had 6 hours per week for 6 six months, but I had to decrease that number because of my "IRL" things.


I can do voice-overs/speaks in 4 languages. In Finnish, English, Swedish and German. I can spell all languages pretty good (finnish ofcourse is excellent), but only can communicate excellently in fin, eng and swe. So, if somebody needs voiceovers/speaks in those languages. I'm here:biggrinthumb:


E: Here is a one jingle what I have made in finnish.

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