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If you look, their are TONS of sites.


Stuff to remember:


If you are using Itunes to buy, its not only expensive, but does not sound right when transcoded into mp3. It will sound good on your side, but the general rule of thumb is DO NOT transcode lossy into less lossy.


The nice thing about buying MP3's online is you get higher quality.


The best way to describe it.......... Like an old projector......


think of the song like a film...


the higher the bitrate quality, the more compressed the frames are...


Think of khs as the "color of the film" the more khz, the more "vibrent" the sound (why talk shows dont need much Khz, the human voice does not need much in the frequency spectrum unless your making something VERY polished)



I also hit my local music store. NOT THE ONE LIKE SAM GOODY!


Im talking the one that is a hole in the wall. The one where half the employees goof off while working there. The one that has the bumper sticker display and a peanut jar full of buttons.


THIS PLACE IS A INTERNET DJ's dream come through. It usually has a place where bands can put flyers of their show. USE this place to advertise. Every time you go in, replenish fliers. It also has a place where you can buy used CD's for $3 to $4 bucks. Skip the artist specific stuff and go strait to soundtracks and compilation CD's.


Talk to the employees while your there. Get to know them before you start talking about how you "DJ online" no small music store likes internet DJ's that gloat, and half of them have tried shoutcasting. Dont ask, but figure out when the store owner comes in.


When you go in there, always walk in with a general list of what you looking for. 1 - 2 pages long. This is going to raise interest of what you are doing, as they now see you as a potential steady buyer. Eventually talk to the owner/or manager about seeing if you can get a deal if you buy used CD's 10 at a time. If he knocks the price down, then your paying LESS than $3 - $4 for A CD.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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