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This free program is a LIFESAVER for winamp users. simple and EFFECTIVE for creating playlist that sound pro. An old program, but still VERY effective for playlist making.


1) Download here




Ignore the windows emulation it talks about for XP users.


2) to execute it.


A)Go to properties on the shortcut

B)Change the following info.

target = "C:\Program Files\Amazing Clock Wheel\AmazingClockWheel.exe"


start in = "C:\Program Files\Amazing Clock Wheel"



Now you should be able to run it in XP or vista.



3) Follow these instructions.




This program DOES NOT run as a source for sound.


Its simply to make a new automated playlist. But for the cost of "free" it kicks the hell out of any pal script.


Long live open source.



If you look, its step 3, just follow step 3.



All your doing is making a playlist (M3U) for each of your Jingles, Music, commercials, whatever, thats the left block that you enter them in.


then you drag them into the right block to setup the order. Remember that anytime you move music files around, you need to update your m3U, as a m3U is just a file telling the playlist where to grab the song from. You change ANYTHING in that list (IE the song titles name on the actual MP3) you need to update the M3U file) Anytime you add songs to your comp, you need to drag them into your M3U file, and update changes.

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What you do is make a playlist of voicetracks... Something to interact with your listeners.


Stuff that you would like to throw in.



Keep two seperate voicetracks. One that you schedule for automation (IE Im feeling good, glad to have my daily dose of this-radio-station, and everyone stick around for more to come) This is the kind of stuff you schedule in M3U format for automation with your bigwheel.



and have 1 file that isnt a playlist, this is nothing but MP3's. This is for when you want to put a finishing touch on a specific song ( IE the Band such-and-such will be comming through Nowhere-ville this week, check them out, more news to come from this-station-radio)


drag those songs into the playlist to schedule them manually.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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