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I guess these things can happen to anyone ..

sad that some people are using their hacking skills to "kill" compagny websites

afterall these compagnies have nothing to see with the issues hackers can have ...


It looks that more and more hackers aka organisations in general are using those attacks to harm lots of people who have nothing to see with any idealogy

Stupid but true and most of all "SAD" :(

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Feel free to add your comments in the news article. If you have any questions or are looking for a streaming server ASAP, please reply here. BW is setting up an information Q&A chat to be open in the next few hours with some webhost and streaming server experts for people facing problems.


-The BW Team

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A post in lxlabs mentioned that Rus (vaserv) re-used the same password for all his setup which is a grave mistake.


Hacker had been sniffing password off their network for the past 2 months..


As same password had been used by Rus, this give hacker access to huge number of servers.


On top of that, CC info got stolen as vaserv's billing system is hosted under one of the vps too.




As for zero day exploit, i am not sure if this is really the cause. It could be down to some 'password sniffing' in the network that caused your password to be stolen.

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Sorry I didn't reply here earlier, but I can confirm that all of the sites are now back online. Some customers have experienced slowness of the control panel which is caused by Vaserv putting everyone down to 512MB RAM but this will be resolved soon.


Thanks to the BCW team for posting the updates


PS, this didn't affect any stream servers or web hosting customers, only bellonline websites (and the control panel of course).

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