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My new artwork


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I just received the art work for my new website. The art work is one of the first pieces to the puzzle so it will be a little while before I launch the site but I thought I could get a little feed back on the the art work itself, as well as the branding message it conveys. This came about due to several articles I read about voice over artists' need to brand themselves for a leg up in the industry. I studied the various brands that were being used. Believe it or not I even found a guy who specializes in VO branding and websites. I did not use his services though. I eventually came up with the Voice Over Wizard as a brand using a play on my last name. All comments are welcome.



Sean R Wisner


PS. The artists name is Vance Jason Archer, he lives in South Africa and I would highly recommend him, he was very easy to work with. You can find his work HERE

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