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BBC Radio 4 To Air Documentary On VO Legend Bill Mitchell


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Thurs 18th June - BBC Radio Four is to air a documentary about one of the most famous voice artists in the UK between the 60s and mid 90s. Bill Mitchell was a Canadian who moved to Britain and who's distinct deep tones advertised everything from movie trailers to Denim aftershave before his death in 1997. I suppose the best way to describe Bill is that he's Europe's Don La Fontaine.


I heard an audio documentary about Bill in the early 80s and he's a funny and fascinating guy, so this documentary should be a "must hear". Here's the details from the BBC website:-


BBC Radio Four - Thursday 18th June 11.30am (UK Time)

Miriam Margolyes presents a documentary charting the life and career of her late colleague and friend Bill Mitchell, the voice-over artist who informed us the latest blockbusters would be 'at cinemas near you from Sunday', told us 'Carlsberg was probably the best lager in the world', and that Denim was 'for men who didn't have to try too hard'.

Born in Canada, he admitted that heavy drinking and smoking from his teens helped preserve the voice, and indeed drove his excessive lifestyle. He 'had to' abuse his body to maintain the voice and he 'had to' be in a Soho pub because it was handy for the recording studios.

Bill's career spanned acting, voice-over work, plus a brief spell as 1970s pop outfit Yin and Yan with friend Chris Sandford. His remains ranked as one of the greats within the advertising industry.

Featuring contributions from Bill's daughter Amanda McAllister, musicians and friends Zoot Money and Kenny Clayton, and industry moguls Nick Angell and Rob Townsend.

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi Alan thanks for the heads up on the programme about Bill Mitchell. I have been a fan for many yerars and had my first Hospital Radio jingles voiced by him nearly 25 years ago. I have also purchased in the past generic voiceovers which he did which in some cases are hilarious as he had a very dry/wicked sense of humour.

My original Hospital Radio vo's by Bill were on Reel to reel which had deteriorated and I just had to get them recently restored and put on to good old CD.

What a great voice he had and he is sorely missed.


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