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Flash SHOUTcast Station Status


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Flash shoutcast Station Status it displays station name, song name, bit rate, stream format, and current listeners.




You can embed this to your site, and it comes with php script file to relay the info from server to flash, using this free utility on your site does not need your site to refresh constantly it will be done by flash internally so it is not noticeable, using Ajax is great but some browser disable javascript but the flash embeddable are usually common to most browsers.


Download: http://www.whooshstream.com/

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A small WARNING to all with a sensitive antivirus

I've got an entry of a TROJAN at that downloadpage !!http://uploading.com/files....

So that ain't what We are looking for :(

No offences to CHQ .. but it is more likely to make an upload of files to a save website or by using your "attachements" tool

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I also got the Trojan warning but I have looked over each file and the code, and found that they are virus free. I have included the download in various formats below:

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