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Need ad revenue advice...

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I have thought about it LOL. I have been a member of 37.com (THAT HAS NOT CHANGED AT ALL!) for about 9 years. I KNOW they have some Voodoo magic for staying alive besides ****** (NSFW AKA p*rn)


But they have search engines based off metaspider to tell you how old they are, so I might study the site a bit.

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Its pretty easy from what I have seen, but it looks like Im going to go with CJ.com


Looks like thats the place to be.


Throwing a contest for website art before I do.





First place:




Made in the USA, specifically in San Diego! More specifically, my house.




A DAR print on the Old Glory tee shirt brand. Wear one today and everyone will wonder which wallmart sells those prints.



Second place:


Printed on Haynes T shirt. Wear one today so everyone can make comments about how they can see your nips.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Yeah, Ive been getting more and more into Xoops.


I need to install SO MANY modules, but once you get the hang of it, its like Joomla on crack.


You can take PHP scripts, and slap them directly into blocks, open source as well. I try to keep the art NOT TO SERIOUS looking, as its all mock art, and supposed to give the effect of the mock post apocalyptic broadcast.


Made with MSpaint and unfreez, both are free.



for more on xoops, its http://www.xoops.org

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Yeah xoops is good ive used it before :) Genesis will be out soon gonna give that the once over once its out should be good .. If you like the nukes you will like Genesis its 95 per cent done so should not be long now :)


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Ok, I have been dabbling in this for a while.

Finally found the magic touch for my tee shirt making.



I dont know what the equivalent to wallmart is in the UK, but Im sure there is one.


1) Go down to wallmart. WRITE THIS DOWN!

Avery Stretchable Fabric transfers: NUMBER 3302 (their other tee making kits are CRAP!)

Pick this up. should be around $8 for 5 sheets

Pick up a five pack of haynes tees x2. Should be around $9 x 2


2) I would recommend a Teflon coated Iron for this: $12 bucks for a cheapy 1 at wallmart.


3) Go to the Avery site and make your station banner the image, USE the number to find the right designer.


4) You can pull a jpeg up for your station logo. I it 3 on a sheet, so it worked out nicely, but you can do 2 to a sheet and have a bigger image.


5) Print it out and give it 3 minutes to dry. Your printing on the NON checkered side, the white paper looking side


6) The instructions say dont use an ironing board, I did, and used a magazine between the board and shirt (you do want a nice flat surface you can push down hard on.


7) Put the shirt on the back end (square part) of the ironing board with the magzine as your ironing surface, and give the shirt a nice pull at the underside to get it flat.


8) Put the iron on the hottest setting (why teflon Iron is great here) and push down HARD! Let it sit on the image for 30 seconds, then smooth it over to the center, push for 30 seconds, then the other side, 30 seconds. Then go back and forth, and it looks like the paper is comming off of it, THATS A GOOD THING.


9) BACK AND FORTH. Then let it cool for 4 minutes before peel. Stretch it out a bit to keep it from getting BIG cracks later.




That was three images to a sheet. at 2 to a sheet (which the logo will be better) it cost me $27 for 10 tee shirts.

The old glory one cost me about 6 per tee.

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KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Well see, with me...my aunt owns a screen printing business. If I buy the ink, she would let me use the machines. Then I got tired of it lol - I use to make hillarious t shirts and sell them until I got in trouble for copyrighted material :o



Oh and btw, in the UK they have whats called "Tesco". Its more like Sams Club or Cosco is here.....but close enough :-p

Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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