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A BIG HELLO from Drive105


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Newbie to this Forum, hopefully you will all get to know me/us etc etc.


We are a Community Radio Station (not for Profit) from Derry, N Ireland, once a VERY Large Pirate, but decided to go down the legal road, as we get such a buzz from Radio.

Going now since the the end of January, so we are really only finding our way.


Just so I get the feel of the forum , and I dont want to break, bend, or misread any written or unwritten rules!!!, can one ask for a liner etc to be made for them free of charge on this forum. If not I apologise in advance.


It's our Official Launch this Tuesday and open day, and I was hoping to get a statement full of zingz, zaps, fireworks etc along with some info on our open day done.


YOU can listen in to our station on http://www.drive105.co.uk


Chat soon.........:rockon:

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Welcome to BW! Take a look around, ask some questions and post some answers! Check out the site, we hope you like it!

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Is that so ?

Still pirate stations at the US ?

Thats something who has been gone at Belgium since the mid 80s

for that reason I wrote "old men" :) lol

Hahah come to my hometown where there are like ten pirates on the airwaves! (Boston)

Are those stations on FM or AM ?

Could be a nice idea if you are able to post some airchecks of pirate stations who are broadcasting into your aria ... I guess several members would be thankfull to hear some today pirate radiosounds (Y)

Is that possible ?

Thanks for the reply and Enjoy :D

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Driveboy here is the liner I said I would do for you since you can not attach files to pm's and you have your settings so you can not receive e-mails from users, I have posted it here and I will send you a PM to let you know it is here. I did one dry and one with a pad underneath no other effects or anything since you didn't request any.

Hope you can use this, feel free to edit or enhance in any way you see fit.


Good luck with the launch of your station.;)


Sean R Wisner

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