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Sombody who provides a CHRpop Podcast?

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Hello everybody,


I had a look to the podcast section at BW and found several mixsets and some typical genre podcasts.

I was wondering if anybody provides a CHRpop podcast.


I know they excist.

I made already a Google search, visited several podcast websites who are providing 1 hour sets .. but most of them offer 1 genre or 1 format .. ex: soul, oldies, rock etc

but no CHRpop format


If you can point Me to the right direction (podcast websites, links, ...) .. this would be most appreciated


It can be also a nice idea if somebody who's making a good quality CHRpop set to connect that one to the BW podcast section ..

Maybe also other stations / projects can have interests to shedule this type of radioset.

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Money that makes the world going around.

Sorry for my opener ...

first of all I run a none-commercial project and I pay my Monthly royalties

(both for the broadcast of the radiosets and for the daily played nonstop)

i can provide you a chrpop podcast 1 hour are you willing to pay if so what can you afford?

secondly you'll find the basic idea of my question made into this topic on the following BW link :


Maybe thats gonna give you answers to your question, because this thread was more likely a proposal to BW members than a question itself concerning my own project


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