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Just a few ideas for us all to play with...... OK most of if not all of us would love to find a sponsor or 2 even if it just covers server costs would be a great start..So ive tryed take aways and shops but the down side to this is they will always so NO WHY?? No1 your radio plays worldwide not your local area plus its hard to show if anyone in your area tunes in.. No2 Take outs only deviver local.. So i was thinking about builders and others in the construction trade..

They work allover not just local so they would be more likely to sponsor us or would they??? what do you think of this ??



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I understand your point about local businesses. That's been a major factor of why I haven't looked around for sponsors, and ad sales leads around my local. However, if you can find local retailers that have an online presence, they should be keen to the idea of the global exposure. That could only lead to more sales for them, so it's not a losing battle.


Your next best option would be to look at online retailers. Their websites can be accessed by anyone in the world, and as long as they can ship worldwide its a match made in heaven. They get global exposure, you get a sponsor, or sell ad space. It's a complete win/win situation!


I'm sure there aren't just retailers out there, even locally that would like to bring their message to people all over the place. So don't only look at retail businesses, look for anyone with a website and inquire with them.

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Hi Fozzy,

Ever thought about offering your local sponsors a logo + redirect link to their website ?

If you are able to add commercial content to your website, it can be a solution to your problem.

Secondly if the local business agrees to sponsor .. you can make a small flyer who contains the station name, URL etc .. and maybe also the name(s) + logo of your sponsor(s)

At that moment the business can't say anymore .. sorry "no flyers" etc etc .. because their name is on it .. and if people visit your website .. they are reminded to the logo and redirect of "that" business


I know its easier said than done ... but its an idea who can be usefull if you are living into a neighbourhood where the people know eachother

An other issue is the price ... don't ask too much ..

I don't know your currency .. but I guess ex: 25 untill 50 Euro / Month for a bloc banner of max 150x100 can be sold to a local community

Good luck !

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I would think about trying to get a construction/trades sponsors at this time. I work in the trades (New England area of the US) and the trades are slow here. Our company as a rule gets 1 out of 4 bids we put out. Right now we are getting maybe 1 out of 10. From what I hear and it's slow all over and getting worse. So trying to get someone to sponsor you right now, might be hard if your in the US. I built a site just for the trades and it's real slow, no one wants to spend money right now on advertising.



But, (might be a big but :) ) if you try locating a trades company in your area, I would contact companies that remodel home's or maybe painting contractors (painters are slow in my area). They might be willing to sponsor your station if you reach a large number of people in the local area. Other than that I can't think of other trades/companies that might do it.



"I'm Retired" Donations PayPal.Me/artistview . I only do dry reads, if you want FX's you'll have to add them, I might add them. If you use my voice please link to my art site AbstractArtist.xyz, Thank you
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