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Train to be an MP, with Teach A Leech!


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LMAO love it m8 :) you do the vid?

Yeah, it needed -something- to go on YouTube with, and that was done in a hurry in Windows Movie Maker, of all programs.. (I forgot how to use Flash)

Where do I sign up lol. This is political satire at its best, I had to blog about it, FNS.

Cheers Kris! I must meekly point out though that I'm not a VO Pro, I seemed to gain honourary status after having a go at one of the 'free VO requests'. BIG respect from me to all those making a living (or trying!) in the VO game. :voiceover:

For me and the rest of us "Yankees" what is an MP? Obviosly it has something to do with Government pay outs but????

As correctly pointed out by Johny C, an MP is a 'Member of Parliament', "our elected representatives" so to speak who propose and vote on laws in The House of Commons. There are 600-ish, each representing one area of the country. In a national election, you vote ONLY for "your MP"; whichever political party ends up with the most MPs forms the government and chooses a Prime Minister etc (who are also MPs).

MPs receive a salary of at least £64,000, and also expenses for purchases essential to their job as MP, eg travel, office products etc and most importantly a second home closer to London (to prevent them having to commute from all over the UK).

The scandal arose after a national newspaper obtained details of all the MPs expense claims, revealing that they were claiming for mortgages that didn't exist, second homes when they already lived in London, gardening expenses, moat cleaning etc etc adding up to £100,000s per MP per year, all paid of course by the taxpayer.

In a bad economy this sort of thing tends to p*ss people off!:bustedred:

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