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Pop star Michael Jackson has died


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Pop star Michael Jackson has died, the Los Angeles coroner has confirmed.


Fred Corral said that Jackson was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital in full cardiac arrest.


Mr Corral said that an autopsy is likely to take place on Friday.


Brian Oxman, a Jackson family lawyer, said Michael's brother Randy Jackson said the star collapsed at his home in west LA.


Reports say that paramedics found the singer at his home and he was not breathing.


The paramedics performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the scene before taking him to UCLA.


TMZ.com said that once at the hospital, staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.


Jackson has three children, Michael Joseph Jackson Junior, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.


The King of Pop was set to step out onto London's O2 arena stage on July 13.


The 50 concerts sold out in a matter of hours when tickets were released in March.



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and conversely Lennon was A LOT BIGGER than Jackson! And a damn sight more talented too!

But of the three,I know which one I'd rather be lookin' at!


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Well, here is where I stand with MJ. Despite the alleged molestation charges, he still was an icon in the music world. Anyone in the music industry would agree, if your really serious about it. He was truly talented and will be greatly missed. I admit, after he left the Jackson 5, he slowly went downhill but I think its the right thing to respect him, in his death, despite your opinions.


RIP Michael Jackson, you will be missed by many!

Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Personally, I thought the Jackson 5 were absolute crap compared to the great talent in the Motown stable like The Supremes, Mavin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Edwin Starr, The Four Tops, Gladys Knight, R. Dean Taylor (who started as a Rock and Roll singer way back!) ...... I could go on and on.... it was just poppy, pap driven by hype and a sales pitch which has obviously taken many millions in.


And MJ was even worse. He was jst another average performer like Madonna, who has been sold extremely well- but without any real foundation.

Pop music sells beacause it is fashionable, that has NOTHING to do with quality, or talent at all! That is why MJ can NEVER be compared to John Lennon and the like.


Go listen to some proper Motown- but listen well! Then you will see the light!


Hype works- real talent fades away!.... sadly

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Im not a big MJ fan also. As I said on my radio show the other day the best track he put out with any feeling was Ben before he went Wako, the rest sounded like it was to just make money and it did but as been said that dosnt mean it was any good. I have only about 5 of his tracks in my playlist.

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This was so sad I heard he was rushed to the hospital unconscious but I thought it was a whole bunch of BS, then I turned on my tv and they said that Michael Jackson had passed away 1958-2009 that he was never able to regain consiousness I was like WHAT?! I did a Michael Jackson Tribute on my station, I played all of his music that night from 9 to Midnight EST and now I have his songs in light rotation on my station. Many FM stations in my area were doing tributes which pushed me to do it.
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Well I did the same my local time, after I have seen the first footage at BBC Tv I sheduled on specific times some nonstop specials and I guess worldwide the same happend

I played all of his music that night from 9 to Midnight EST


In general pro or against MJ isn't the issue ... He was for about 4 decades an artist who delivered Us all time million sellers. MJ made history and at the same time he gave Us also history .. We are all part of that history even people agree or don't with what or who MJ was

The sad thing is that when people die into the own neighbourhood, own community or family only the good things are talked about ..

if a famous person dies the first thing people talk about are the bad things.

Strange isn't ?

We are all human afterall, and at those times in history good or bad don't counts. In Our life We all are sure about 2 things = being born and to die


At my country, Belgium, "the same day" at Noon a famous female singer songwriter called Yasmine committed suicide. She was 37

She married 2 years ago and had 1 child. Her marriage was finished since early this Year and she got a nervious breakdown. Lately she released her current song who's telling her deepest feelings about her personal situation.

I'm sure she gonna have a #1 hit with that song, afterall all her single tracks made it allways to the charts of Belgian artists.

A sad day for the Belgian music !

She was a leading lady to the gay/lesbian community, was lesbian herself and was married with a woman.

Does that make any difference ?

No ... because We are all human afterall


Attached her picture

and a MP3 file about MJ who is currently playing random at my project

credits of the original file goes to Frank (BW), I re-edited some parts to the current version



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