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Wi-Fi Pricing

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This little dongle can come with a real surprise if you are not careful!


Like this little surprise after going over the allotted 5GB limit;

we learned it's cheaper to have two dongles on hand.

I think there could be a future in Wi-Fi broadcasting to the mobile community once the technical kinks are worked out; and they will. The only real danger if any, is the NAB lobbying (bribing) congress into over regulating it to the point where only the big boys can afford to play; like they did for over the air broadcasting. Who do you think brought the record companies down on the little internet broadcasters in the first place? The hint came in the form of separate rules and rates for over the air broadcasters; and other insider information. In a word:extortion.


I think their greed has finally caught up with them with the public, and I don't think they entertained the Indie Artists factor, that is exploding as a result of the greed of the record companies and mega broadcasters. The artists figured out they can do better without the mega record companies; and it's getting to the point the talent is far better than the record companies ever sent our way.


Because the rapidly changing technology, we are bullish on streaming radio again; and plan on launching several stations targeting local markets (which is almost 500,000 lacking any locally programmed radio stations). For the mobile community until the mobile Wi-Fi problems are solved, our listeners will be able to download programming for the commute down to Los Angeles. Our News Magazine, slated for launch in mid August; will be ready for download at 5:00AM. If you think outside the box, you could make a small fortune in streaming broadcasting.


The NAB, screwed itself over when they lobbied against DAB here in the USA. Instead, DAB has arrived in the USA through the back door in the form of Wifi Radio which is broadcasting digitally; and at this point the NAB, has no control over it! It looks like for once the little guy is going to have the last laugh, as the big boys implode in debt. Unlike our over the air competitors; we are 100% debt free, and have very low overhead. As a result; we can charge a couple bucks a spot and still make a nice living.


The days of AM FM only broadcasting are over here in the states.



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I understand that Boost Mobile offers unlimited Data, Text, Talk and walkie-talkie for $50/Mo. Some of their phones can stream Audio/Video. Has anyone streamed anything from shoutcast? If so what is the highest bit rate? Verison (Alltel now switching to) offers data plans and the phones like the Razor and the Rocker is suppose to stream audio. Has anyone been able to stream Shoutcast stations with Alltel/Verison?

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