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How Much For Broadband?


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Hi Guys i just wanna know how much would you pay for broadband?

I pay virgin £50 a month for 50meg fibre optic And i think thats over the top £1 for 1meg .. but saying thats its (A plus service) never down and you do get the speed they say you will get when you order i do know some other places that lie to you or say things like UPTO ie... you will be lucky to get the top speed..

What do you pay for and what speed and are you happy with it or not?

This would be a good way of showing how good or bad a service is and might help others who are looking to change there provider....



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Ummm broadband good topic,


I have virgin only the 10mb - £18 a mth.The speeds are ok although i have had a number of occasions where my speed has dropped seriously. I think there customer service and general attitude could use a lot of improvement, its still the same old eurobell/telewest with a new name big thumbs down from me.


But on a good note ive have a landline from talktalk for 6 years, it works out around £14 a mth but includes free landline calls in the uk all the time and they provide FREE Broadband admitted its only a 3mb service and its pretty good as a rule hardly ever down customer service is awesome big thumbs up there.


Well thats my 2 pence worth lol ( you did ask )



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I think about moving to an other location in the world

man man ... its almost free at your places

Belgium has in general broadband capabilities to everyone.

There are 2 major providers : Telenet and Belgacom aka Skynet

but they have also the monopoly and this makes that they can ask anything they want

Both got from the European Community already several warnings to lower their prices on costs for both phone and internet .. because other EU countries are "way cheaper" than Belgium (Other countries = 2 untill 3 times cheaper - including unlimited datastream - than the current cost in Belgium)

I pay for broadband-cable 42,95 Euro a Month for 25GB a Month ( = about 68 $)

My upstream is maximum 512kbps - downstream is maximum 1,5MB

About the downstream they tell (into commercials) that people do get 100MB (????) .. but I'm already lucky if I can download something with a speed at an average of 160 untill 320kbps :(

and We have still Monthly limits and it don't looks that this gonna change into the near future.


PS : these details are about my personal situation at home and don't have anything to see with the project I run

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I have Verizon FIOS and with the TV, INTERNET & PHONE package I'm paying about $178USD a month. My business line is Magic Jack which is $20 a year for unlimited everything :)


The reason its so expensive (the FIOS) is because I bought the fastest fiber optic package I could get which, 50mbps download speeds :)



I am pleased.


I also have my laptop installed with WiMax internet, so I can listen to internet radio on the road :)




Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Currently I'm with BT, paying £24 a month... but BT are rubbish!


I'm switching over to either o2 or Be* (same company, different prices) as they can offer me up to 24mb down and 2.5mb upload, plus a free static IP address...


Try finding that for £18 a month!

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I'm with o2 at home. £7.34 per month unlimited usage upto 8mb I think it is, with 1mb upload. Good service.. The line quality sucks here and get the occasional speed issue, but their customer service is fantastic. A quick phone call and they adjust something their end while you're on the phone and u get an instant increase! o2 support is absoloutely fantastic, can't fault them.


Mean while, at the office, we're with BT broadband business. Support is terrible, costing £30 a month and only receiving about 4mpbs, yet the exchange is only down the road at the end of the industrial estate. About a 2 minute drive away in fact.

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