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Broadcastingworld.net Worth $6497


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Yeah don't go to this site it will suck an hour out of your life before you know it!

I typed in all the domains I have(5) and youtube one had no data available the other was worth $803 million I can't remember which was which...I smell retirement!

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hihihi lol

nice idea ... finaly We can make some money with the things We do :)

- the website of my project is worth = 1773,9 USD


and it looks that James with broadcastingworld.net is also making a good business ... value = 6840,1 USD


Next step Wall Street ? :) LOL

Anyway .. from now on We have an idea of what to ask if somebody is willing to buy a domain :D

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Hey, Stream101 is work 4934.80...seems kinda low, but this is kinda cool...

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Well, this thing is off by a LOT. I have gotten offers for $10K :P

iwebfusion.net Estimated Worth $5270.6 USD

Keep in mind there are a lot of these also..

http://mywebsiteworth.com/ - $ 1,348

http://www.websitevaluecalculator.com/ - $103 -- HAH! You wish!

And my favorite.. http://www.dnscoop.com/ - however surprisingly says $530

However! DNSscoop says The estimated value of http://www.broadcastingworld.net is: $16,748

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