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I Need A .com or a .co.uk website


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Hi guys,


Heres the thing im looking to get a .com or .co.uk website but dont know where is best to look any ideas ?

Also i dont know how to make a website using ftp etc all i have had experiance with these free sites that have templates ready to go.


Where can i learn about these things ?


Any help will be grately appriciated




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if your looking for a domain and hosting i suggest you check out http://www.webhostingtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45

you may even find a host that includes a free .com or .co.uk domain name with their hosting plans.


as with regards to making a site

you dont need to use ftp to get your site online

when you get your hosting sorted your can use the online file uploaders and the html editors that will come in your control panel.

also if you need some nice free templates check out http://www.freecsstemplates.org/.

if you want to lrean some html check out http://www.w3schools.com/

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If you need a domain name, you can get one from GoDaddy.com. This is my favorite site to get domain names.

Not trying to take over this post, but http://www.stream101.com (The company I work for) has web hosting packages that support both domains. The prices are reasonable and have both cPanel and Fantastico (Automated Script Installer). We have FTP and a full list of features are available on the website.

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For .co.uk domains I would recommend 123-reg.co.uk For .com goto http://www.fxdomains.com


As for web hosting getting a plan with cPanel is your best bet is google. Nowadays there's decent companies offering hosting from 2.99 a month. Watch out for these "Unlimited webspace" and "Unlimited transfer" cowboys.


Just done a quick google for you for cPanel hosting for 2.99 here - Have a look through :)


Hope this helps,



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Go to cpanel m8 now you can go to file manager and upload your site if you have all the files or you can use Fantastico and pick a program to install dont worry about Mysql database if it needs it Fantastico will do it all



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I also use 123reg, if you are new to websites, the instantsite offer will possibly help, you build the site online, various options are available, resonably priced per month and lots of templates. Once you get going suggest you download a few free webtemplates and use a wysiwyg authoring prog, I use NVU, free download, just google it, you will also need a FTP prog, loads about for free.

Good luck with your project

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