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Mobile phone stream voiceover

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Someone tell me if im wrong but from what I know of shoutcast to use the intro file option available on most streams then it has to be recorded at the same bitrate as the main stream....


If this is the case then it makes things very difficult for me to use on my main stream (read my introduce me message posted today) as my DJs and MCs broadcast from all over the world with varying bitrates they are able to broadcast on depending on the power of there broadband link. Some stream at 96k, some at 128k, some at 64 and even 32 being the lowest.


However the one stream i have that I can use for advertisting if my first statement is right is my transcoded mobile phone stream which runs at 24k all the time.


I hate the sound of my voice on the mic (although a beer or 2 sometimes helps that) but what im looking for is a young sounding uk male voice (london accent maybe) to record me something in 24k saying something like...


Hi there, your locked to the KRISISDnB.COM mobile phone stream. Check out the main website for details of forthcoming shows, future events and to access our chatroom


I think that can just about last 10secs which i think is plenty.


If anyone can help it would be appreciated



MX (Malcs)


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I would love to help you out but i have no clue as to how i get my software to record in 24k.

I can record you something but i dont know if it will be any good for you.

I have recorded voice work and played it out on shoutcast and had no probs with it, let me know and i will see what i can do



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Cheers for that but im really looking for a more urban type voice if you know what i mean to suit my station a bit more. I apprecate what you do and clearly it would suit a more mainstream station but i think im a bit more specialised and fit into whats probably a more niche market compared to a lot of other stations. I think the prime age bracket of my station is in the 15-25 year olds really


Cheers though, its appreciated!

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