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We've gone insane - BOGOF - Buy One - Get One Free !


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Mouse to Mouse Solutions is pleased to announce to all BW users that we have just commissioned our new website at www.mouse-mouse.co.uk


With this update - we have launched some BW friendly server campaigns including :-


- BOGOF - Buy One - Get One Free

- Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages from only US$ 39.00 per month


Order any streaming package from Mouse to Mouse before the 18th July 2009 via this link and we'll give you 100% extra listener slots FREE for the duration of your account's lifetime.


This offer is valid only for signups made before or on the 18th July 2009. Please do not miss the boat on this one - as we cannot guarantee when next we will be offering such a great discount.


Some examples -


50 slots (+50 free) @ 64kbps - only US$ 50.00 per month.


Don't forget we utilise the very best bandwidth providers as well as state-of-the-art premier data centres from Fast-Serv.




A little background information on our company -


- incorporated in 2001 in the United Kingdom - with Headquarters in Canary Wharf, London - offering stream hosting since that year.


- Bandwidth providers that M2M have long term relationships with for service



Global Crossing










- Our servers are based at premier data centres in :

Fast-Serv Ashburn Virginia

Fast-Serv San Diego California

Redhouse London United Kingdom

Schlund Karlsruhe Germany

Fujistsu Singapore


- All of our servers are linked to bandwidth providers via dedicated 100Mbps (minimum) data links. No servers utilised shared bandwidth.


- You can tune into a test stream at www.mouse-mouse.co.uk


- Activation for most of our services is managed (i.e. non automated). Our Service Level Agreement states that we will set up all orders (streaming servers) within 8 hours or less. Our standard is a couple of hours. Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers will take longer (typically 1 working day).


- All of our servers are Loudcity compliant. i.e. are configured to record stream data / song data etc etc.

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congrats to the clients who have taken advantage of this one-time offer from Mouse to Mouse.


There are few days left before we close this offer. If you are looking to change streaming provider and are looking for the very in service coupled with recession busting prices - then please do take advantage of this offer before it closes on the 19th July.


remember in order to grab these prices - you need to sign up here

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