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British VO 'testimonial' for "Sue some f**ker* spoof advert

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I would be grateful and honoured if some kind soul on here would read a 'testimonial' for a spoof injury solicitor's ad, for use on my show.

British regional accent preferred.


"I was walking down the high street, and I was distracted by a pigeon. I was so distracted that I tripped over the kerb, and got a nasty yet unprovable injury to my little finger. The council had not put any signs up warning that this could happen, so I sued them. I got £700!"

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I hope you like this- had fun doin' it mate!

There's a bloke down my pub who talks like this, and he makes a livin' out of sueing the B**tards! Seriously!


He goes on all demonstrations and goads the police, and conveniently stands in front of any punches being thrown:retard:

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Thank You!

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