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Community Radio Station ID please.


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Maximum Posts To Request A Voiceover: 2

Your Maximum Posts: 0

An Unfunny Admin Explaining The Rules To A Member: Priceless


Welcome to BW, make sure you post atleast 2 proper posts outside the Voiceover Forum in order to recieve a free demo voiceover from one of our friendly professionals :)



Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
SMS | Phone Calls | Social Media | Content

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No holds barred, as in wrestling. No holes barred as in XXX I think that is a different website.


Back to topic. I am installing a new set of hard drives in to computer this weekend, upgrading to 1tb internal and 500gb external. After done and all software reinstalled will check back to see if you still need this if so I'll give it a shot. But as James said if you only came for a free voiceover please consider becoming part of the community.

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