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why so slow


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I am still in contact with Threeten! Good Guy!


I doubt you will ever see JM back here after KHUK unjustly accused him of not being on national radio! (Oh my, how I bit my lip at the time...) AND FOR THE RECORD, I KNOW HE WAS!!!


Fin is a pro- a real pro! He is sadly missed by me for one!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Guest Baabaa Productions


I am living off the wifes income at the moment....its great being a kept man. Just not much paid production work going at the moment.




Hey Mark, I'll be knackered by September ;-)
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Thanks Mark,

Your quote is the short way of what I was willing to tell on top of this (Y)

I see the same thing every year during the summer....its very quiet....no one is on...and so on....All the forums I am on are exactly the same. It is a natural quiet time and it picks up after September.



In general I see some "returning" issues who cause each time "some" problems.

- Yes, some members are getting member and do contributions, sometimes to much and they are seen at once as important contributors, but if they share their knowledge maybe they expect afterwoulds to much (aka the return) .. so some of them are leaving

- Some members can leave the place for any reason: they have a bad hair-day, make a reply who is received by others as negative an they blow up bridges. This is whats called as an "impulsive reaction". This can happens with young .. but also with older people aka members .. Mostly after some time they gonna return with any reason who is suitable to say "sorry that I wasn't around" ...

- Others are dropping by and are leaving again because their request received an answer (lets call them "one-day members")

- Others are dropping by because they know somebody who pointed them to BW, from the total only a few gonna return on a regular base

- Since I'm a member to BW I have seen already several posts of people who seems to have "personal" probs (relation, family related etc) .. these are typical members who are dropping by during the times "all is well" .. but one small twist into a situation can blew up their mind .. and they are back gone .. and We as fellow members do feel sorry that they are left .. Untill next time .. that they gonna return .. We all gonna make back the same mistake by making a reply to "their" problems .. in fact these kind of people don't deserve it ... My point of view is that these kind of members do have a kind of unstable mental situation, even those members do contribute a lot

- and there are people like myself : lately I made a small "shout" at the shoutbox to tell everyone .. I'm not gone, but I'm gonna be lesser available ... Well thats the true, because I have some important new opportunities in life (concerning my career). On the days that I have some free time - most of all during Nights my local time - I try to visit or answer to topics. So I'm not that much around as at the beginning .. but I'm still around "somewhere"

- some members who are leaving do have into their replies a rather similar reaction as they should have into real life .. Its my idea that what people write at the internet is sometimes very similar to what they are used to do in real life .. However in real life only some people can give feedback .. The internet (aka forum) gives feedback who's coming from all around the world .. and sometimes that can be too much for those people

- Last but not least ... I'm not blind eather .. I do see also whats happening ... but strange enough those who are leaving for real are people who are at other places the "good guys", "the friendly guys" .. some of them are writing their posts at those other place(s) "without" any faults .. however at BW it looks that they never went to school ... My point of view is that those people are "the ones" with 2 faces ... and I don't like those kind of people


My advise is : lets stay friendly, lets keep the BW attitude alive .. and when somebody returns ... they are welcome .. but just as into real life : "Never make promises" because promises never reach their goal

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My advise is : lets stay friendly, lets keep the BW attitude alive .. and when somebody returns ... they are welcome .. but just as into real life : "Never make promises" because promises never reach their goal


Good point made, I'll second that.

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