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how to broadcast on satellite?

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Well it depends where you want to broadcast, in Australia. Optus owns the satellites and they are exclusive for commercial broadcasters only (hence why all the slots are full, we are getting a new satellite launched this month). Not sure about where you are, try to contact your local station and ask where they wholesale their satellite radio from. There will be a company you can talk to, but i highly think there will be mass costs involved.


I hope this has helped, if you have any questions feel free to ask! I will try and get somebody from Optus in Australia to explain their satellite and how much capacity can be fitted on. :)

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I know form my own experience at a FM station in Michigan that you have to:

1) Be broadcast from a licensed Commercial Facility

2) Obtain a Satellite Broadcast License

3) Pay big bucks for Westwod One to take the feed

4) Have somewhere to send it (and also have to have the receiver)


There is thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost.

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I NEARLY did this back in about 1991/2. I was in contact with WH Smith I think it was....almost forgotten now, in talks about ordering a sub-carrier. I also worked on a Rock station called EKR who were on Satellite. The bottom line is, you have to keep negotiating the price DOWN in your favour. Having said that, it is bloody expensive!

There was another time, I was offered £50,00 to put up a rock station for 1 month only!!!!

a new Rock mag was being launched, and they just wanted to spend, spend, spend...

Unfortunately, that didn't work out because the person letting the sub-carrier, lied to me about the expiration date...


oh well, that's how this business goes!!!

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Thanks to all of you guys for your nice tips. I requested this knowledge for my own knowledge. I am from Pakistan and want to broadcast to South Asia, UK & USA. However, the costs are too much, I think. So, I'd be simply unable to afford it.


Thanks to you once again.

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