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Time Songs Played On SHOUTcast Administrator Songs Played Page Wrong

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Hey Guys,

When looking at my SHOUTcast Administrator page lately, I am noticing that on the Songs Played page, the times the song played are wrong. The times are off by only about four to five minutes, not really a big deal but just wondering, does anyone know what causes this? Is it on my end or the hosts end?




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Depending on whether you are live on Auto DJ it could be you or your host.


On our broadcast PC, we use Atomic Clock Synch to keep the time current:



On your stream host servers, they should be using NTP to synch up. We use:


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it depends on how the server is set up,


i have seen thhis problem where vps servers are used and the host will need to correct it but beware it normally drifts off again.


or it may just be the core server time is wrong.

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Hi Justin,

I agree with the answers on top of this

It ain't for sure not your fault ..

In general your shoutcastpage shows the "real time" of the server of your provider .. and not your realtime

Its my experience that some providers are making a mess with the right time settings of their servers .. I know a station at The Netherlands and their SC page gives a difference of at least 15 minutes

My SC page runs in general normal

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yeah if the host is running a xen vps then its definitly possible that the time sync gets off. What happens is the clock speed on the host server and the vps are slightly off and overtime the vps's time gets skewed, requiring a manual sync every few days... which rarley happens.
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