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Radio East Sweepers in Need


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Hello All,


We are in extreme need of some sweepers for our station. We are willing to play your commercial (optional) on air along with posting links and banners (optional) on our website, along with word of mouth (optional) for you by our staff. If you want, you can create one, some, or even all. They can be dry or full (we are not picky). We just ask if you could do this one thing as we are opening mid-August and really need some help with creating these thank you.


1. "Radio East"

2. "Radio East, Your Number One New Music Station."

3. "Radio East, check us out at radioeast.co.uk today!"

4. "Directing your favorite music directly to the pleasure zones in your brain, Radio East"

5. "Playing your favorite music, because if we didn't, we'd be fired."

6. "MySpace and Facebook got nothing on us."

7. "Now on Radio East, a Double Shot Sunday"

8. "Now on Radio East,20a Double Shot Saturday"

9. "Radio East, Because We're Too Ugly To Be On Television."

10. "Radio East, Because We Have A Tower And You Don't."

11. "Radio East. What The Hell. Here's Another Hit."

12. "A Station With A Whole Bunch Of hits. And We're Playing Them One At A Time. Otherwise It Get's Too Confusing! Radio East"

13. "That funk coming from your desk is probably an old Big Mac, the funk coming from your stereo, is Radio East!"

14. "We Play The New Music First... Cuz We're Good Like That! Radio East."

15. "Radio East. The Best Music Of Yesterday, Today, The Day After Tomorrow, The Second Thursday Of Each Month, A Week Ago Last Wednesday, Any Month That Ends With An Y...(someone else -or- different voice: "ahh, we get it")"

16. "Finally A Radio Station That Doesn't Suck. Radio East!"


Again, thank you soo much! (Sorry on the large amount)



Logan Bowlby

President/General Manager

Radio East


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I'll have a go at these in a few, let me get off my laptop and boot up the studio. I will do them all dry, one take each. This would take me over an hour to fully produce and master, and time is money ;)


If you like the work, remember me in the future for paid work :)



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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