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Advertising Opertunity.


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To all the voice guys i just had a small brainwave that may help you all out and us aswell,


I have been doing a test transmission for a client this evening and needed to play something,


i wasn't really happy about playing my own personal music ( as dance music isnt everyone's taste ) or another station and wondered what i could use,


Anyway i figured if i had some test transmission stuff to play then that would do nicely.


So if anyone wants to make an advert saying this is a streamsolutions test transmission provided by "your website" and some noises and a little music / advertising about yourself / whatever then i will get them all together and make a loop that we can use for client testing and website stream examples.


you can be as creative as you like and show off what you can do and hopefully you will get some business out of it.


Feel free to add in some advertising of our products to spread it out a little and give it some content and that would be excellent and get you some more airtime to show off, the longer the better for all.


if you decide to have a go then drop me a pm with your link and ill merge them into one long advert,


if you need any more info just let me know.



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Only 2 takers? all these voice people dont want free advertising?


we have over 1.5+ million hits a month so im sure it would benefit you.


im quite happy to just pay one vo team for the work as we normally use air media but thought this might be a better way that helps people grow.

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I'll talk to some people about this post, maybe they just didnt come across it. Oh, and sorry, I will have something for you ASAP, have been busy in the studio lately and forgot all about this. Standby :)



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Excellent stuff. a few more of these and we can provide you all with some advertising and hopefully give you some more coverage.


Cheers Jb they work a treat and will be sitting on our test box for all to use.

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Hello Sir,


First off, thank you for this opportunity. I hope this works for you. Please let me know what you think of it.


Also, I attached an ad for my services at the end of it. Please let me know if that is ok.


I attached the file at standard broadcast volume, -3db. Please let me know if you need it to be louder.




Quality Radio Imaging CEO


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  • 2 weeks later...

Great sorry for not getting back to you as i have been sunning myself on holiday,


These are all excellent promos and i will be adding them to the site something this week.


good work guys i hope it brings you some business,


ill post the link once i have added them.

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Ok a quick update for all those that contributed to the streamsolutions test transmission jingles.


We have the examples running on our flash media server page as a demo.



and all the scripts and file examples can be found here



Hopefully you will all get some work and if anyone else wants to contribute please feel free to send us the ads or simply post them here.


Thanks again guys..


Nick @ SS

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