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This was a near miss....

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Great stuff! I was walking along the riverbank not too long ago when a ME109 Messerschmit swopped low down over my head, it was doing dummy runs for an air show the next day! Amazing stuff! I love all that stuff, totally fascinated with the WW2 stuff. My Dad was a navigator on the Lancasters, so close to my heart all that wonderful stuff!

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Thank You!

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Nice footage :)

but I guess the interview made by the reporter is a "setup" of the facts

If you look closely, the reporter is seen at first from chest to head

After a short time the camera is already making a zoom-out and the camera makes a small turn to the right side

The longer it takes the more the camera takes a shot of the right side (and still no plain is seen)

Suddenly it looks as the reporter is surprised by the airplane who's passing

It can be a blooper, but it looks as a setup of a scene

Thanks for sharing !

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My guess is that it was set up which explains the camera movements but I don't think the reporter was prepared for it to be that close which is why he hit the deck instead of just saying "Joe Shmo Eye witness news"
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