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Station Looking for Talent, Shows and Engineer


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I am looking for presenters and shows to assit with Just Radio.


Just is the creation of an Autistic intelligent young man, he wanted to be get into radio, but they all ( They being the big guns) thought he was too different and inexperienced, plus he was also a little shy, so he thought if you cant join then, then beat them and go out on your own, and that's what he did! Just was born in 2008.


Available 24 hours a day Just Radio syndicates and offers a wide choice of music and features show by those who represent the diversity of every autistic scene. Just Radio is one of the country’s new independent online Radio Station projects We play music from the 70s, 80s 90s and today.



I am looking for new people to join our exciting project, be it presenting, producing content, marketing the station or anything else you can think off that will make Just Radio bigger and better. *You don’t have to be Autistic, however an understanding of it or willing to learn would be welcomed..



I am currently looking for an Engineer, that would be working voluntary, remotely accessing the system to assist with the playing software SAM.



I am also looking for presenters to do shows, or provide voicetracked shows.




Please take a look at the website for more details http://www.justradio.co.uk



If you are interested in helping then please get in touch reception@justradio.co.uk with your name and experience and why you would like to help, along with an mp3 demo

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