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Automatic Categories on SAM?

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Hi there,

Is there anyway I can automatically put songs on categories by genre? Or should I pay one of my brothers to do it for me, to avoid the fatigue?

I ve started a web radio but have like 1550 mp3 of so many types of music running on random with SAM. People have told me it would be better to play some ska , then some reggae, then some pop...

And I dont know why but sam runs slowly on my PC so categorize the music by genre "by hand" could be a hard and borin work.

Any idea are welcome!




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Hi Marko,

You can do this by using several options .. details about that you'll find by using the search tool at BW

Its my idea if you're willing to make a playlist with various genres to use one of the basic tools at SAM

See your "Config" > "Playlist rotations" and open at the bottom the "clockwheel" section.

Make sure to load all your different genres into seperated directories into your "Music (Music All)"

ex: directory : ska, reaggea, etc etc

At the "clockwheel" section you can make easily a basic format by adding each directory (including : rotation by weight, random etc etc)

You can even add specific directories who contains IDs, promos etc

If All set and done "save as" the new clockwheel at your pc and click "ok" > "ok"


Please notice : this way of making "your" own clockwheel aka format is a very basic way of managing things "but" usefull ... at start it can help you if you are not yet used to the Event Sheduler, PALs etc

If you need other details check my sticky topics about SAM at this BW link :



Good luck !

Visit and listen @ BW !



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Make sure to load all your different genres into seperated directories into your "Music (Music All)"

Thanks! This solved my problem very easily! I went like. Renamed and refoldered the music usin9 9enre as a folder. Then load those forders and subfolders to cate9ories.... and after that, only created clockwheels for every 9enre and used event scheduler to pro9ram the times.

That 9ave me time to copy/paste one of your PAL scripts to play a Station ID every 7 son9s.

Thank u so much!

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