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QMR.fm New Website

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Woah, i only just noticed QMR's new avatar and so i visted the site. What an excellent resource and site! Cant wait to see everything up and running, i am just loving the design!


Congrats QMR, my reps go to you :)


its true just seen it myself looks amazing

very very good work here :)

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Well thank you, I had kind of neglected our design so decided to change the look completely. Like everything it's a slow process putting it all together and fixing those bugs that you've hadn't noticed at the beginning and trying to keep the loved one happy too lol.


Thanks for the feedback guys, very much appreciated :biggrinthumb:

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That is the CMS called Joomla. Joomla is more of a developer CMS program. It has a lot of functionality, but it is also more complex for some people. Im very familiar with most CMS programs, so I dont find it too bad.

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Very nice QMR! Great modern feel to it.




Thank you


yeah, it's really nice. wish I had the moolaalaa to be able to get a professional site done... alas! One day perhaps


It's not hard to get it done, Joomla is really easy to use and offers many exciting ways to inform / entertain your visitors through the many components and modules that are available.

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I like the site, it doesn't matter how you did it, it's the final product that counts



Well I must agree with you there.


I see many other internet radio websites that remind me of my early days. I always look and take some ideas onboard for my own site.


I like to think that the site now looks and feels better than it ever did and that makes me happy :)

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