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dry voiceover available, production required


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Thank you Phillipe for your continued support and appreciation of banner design. I'd be more than happy to design something like this banner if you need at anytime.


As far as VO is concerned, I want it for opening my show. I want some Indian/Pakistani music style in it, with good looking effect(s). If you can help me, I'll be grateful.


Thanks in anticipation.


Hi Mustapha,

Do you want an intro as in "tune | filler"

or do you want an opener with effects in general ?

What kind of music (aka style) has to be used ?

I can manage some things late evening tomorrow or Sunday

Enjoy your weekend !

ps : great banner you have at your signature :D

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Voila Mustapha ... I'm back :D

I hope you gonna like the attached cuts

some European, some the Pakistani way :biggrinthumb:

Enjoy !


I can't even imagine of having such a wonderful collection of intros. You are a great artist, Phillipe. I love you!!:rockon:


I also want to learn the art of making VOs, specially mixing the effects. How can I learn?


And ya....bundle of thanks for your support...love u!!!

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