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Hello Hello :-)


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Hi everyone! My name is Roy. I currently reside in Virginia, USA. A friend of mine and I are teaming up to build an internet radio station that specifies to Virginia. Its called thebeatofvirginia.com :-)


We are currently have a 128 radio. Currently purchase Station Playlist Studio/Creator.


Only thing we need is someone to voicetrack, someone with graphics, and someone who knows Joomla.


I currently own a DJ Party Business, I have no REAL broadcasting experience, just little tid bid jobs every now and then.


Thanks and if anyone has any resources, I am always open for help,


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I prefer coding my own system? Lol. Anyways... WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!


This is a great ACTIVE site. We have ton's of proffessionals here... (I'm Not one of them!) Who can help you out with what ever you need. If you need help setting something up, Or help with equipment, Just make a thread and you will get some expert replys, and some reply's that might not help from me :doh: Well... Hope to see you around!

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