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Voice Over Request Female & Male


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I'm going to start running a online station soon called Orange. I want to air advertising on the station and donate it to a charity once we get things up and running. It will be for a good cause. We would like a female to voice it. So if that is possible, we would like her to say


"Orange 53"

"Orange 53 Will Be Right Back"

"Ultra-New Music On Orange 53"


"We're Lite, We're U-Lite"

(I'd prefer no males for those since it will be a female driven station)


We also have another request for a male or female saying

"Modern Music"

"The '90s & Now, and You're On Modern Music"

"The '90s.... Now! On Modern Music"


Dry Voice Please, No Production Needed.



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hey friend! glad 2 see dis post...I wanna be intrested in Jazz with old and new rock band music that will rock whole centre


u need any donation then contact govt. aid for more resources...Lets hv a look :




hope u guys must njoy dis.... Very Happy


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U Radio.. I have your promos for you. I apologize for the delay, but I have been dealing with a family crisis and haven't had the time to edit them until today.


Here they are, I hope they are suitable for you? I have given 2 seconds silence between each spot so you can separate them yourself.





Oh dear, I did not see the extra bit you had added 2000 and today... do you want me to still do them?

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