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What websites could use streaming video to increase activity?


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I have been thinking, alot of sites could use streaming video and audio to increase user activitya nd generate revenue. Some websites could really benefit!


For example, zzounds.com could use streaming media to introduce new products to their store. Along with featured products and customers. This would give a sense of realism to the site and increase users spending and trust in the site,


What site would you like to see using streaming video and how? :biggrinthumb:

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A weekly E Bay show would be the bomb for e bay sellers. I practically begged a local e bay store to let me do some Internet video for them - and they thought I was completely nuts. Needless to say that ebay store is no longer in the local area.


There are a lot of niche video concepts out there, fishing shows - hunting shows - gardening shows - cooking shows. Another idea I have been trying to get some one interested in - is a employers show. The concept could be a take off of reality tv, show people going through the process of gaining employment - or see which companies really are the best to work for - from a employee's point of view. Or just a simple show going over the who is hiring.


Most people where I live, just equate Internet video with Pr0n or flakey YouTube video's, which is really sad. Internet video does have its potential and it does continue to grow.


If I ever find a local company or organization that wants to do Internet video - look out Ted Turner ! Ha ha ha ha ha.

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