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What is a Compressor...


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Ok, so i keep hearing things about a compressor on the radio and such. what exactly is this used for?


One thing we have with our show is when we do mic checks they are good, and when we go live, there all over the place level wise, does a compressor fix that problem?


and a side question where on the UV meter do you to keep your levels at?

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Well there are a few types of compression. One as a data file or as a dynamic range.


1. Compression of a datafile simply compresses the audio file keeping fairly good quality.


2. Dynamic range compression simply reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal. In a way it controls the volume but your best to use something else to make all your audio files match volume wise :)


Thats my opinion of it, i will wait and see what the audio experts have to say! :) ;)

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Just my 2 "euro" cents :)

A compressor can be understood as it is written ... it compress sound

- to MP3 or any audiofiles you can use it to achieve some better results ... however adjusting an audiofile with a compression ain't always the best solution

- to broadcasting it is used to adjust the general output sound ... aka to compress it to 1 sound level. A compressor has several settings who can be adjusted ... for example a "hard" or "soft" limiting level etc etc

Mainly a compressor is used in combination with an "enhancer" or an enhancer unit is included to the compressor. That way broadcasters can adjust the "lost" sounds to a normal sound. Most of this combinations has settings to increase the "natural base", to add "ambient", to set a maximum of the original sound (also known as "dry" sound - dry stands for the original, not adjusted sound), to adjust the high and low frequencies and much more.


This don't mean that you need all of that ... but if a compressor / enhancer is available you can achieve a very nice and almost natural sound.


Interested into the working of it ? Check out my stream and you gonna understand the right meaning of all this.

Note : is my sound perfect ? I don't say that ... its my way of managing things and the final result depends to your own taste


Good Luck !

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