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rivendell automation

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Wow, ive never seen rivendell automation before but it looks nice! :D




They have a wiki: http://rivendell.tryphon.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

And im sure some members here can help you out :) What things are you trying to get to work?


Looks like a rip-off of another automation with some added functions. Please tell us how it goesgc985radio! Looks like an interesting piece of automation software!

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I think they need to have all the different things that need to be installed a part of 1 install file. I had a look at it and gave up.

I have also tried to installl some dj software on a a pc running Ubuntu but couldnt get Jack to work (Jack is some way to make

Linux programs work with sound cards).I spent hours on it, searched the the net for help and gave up in the end again. Its not

worth the time when you can install a Windows program and get it to work so quick. For Linux programs to come to be used by

more people, they need to be installed a lot easer.

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I've never used Linux before, but a station I'm now involved with does, so I loaded up Ubuntu 8.04 as a dual boot on an old PC and looked to try to install Rivendell. After a couple of tries I found this quickstart tutorial:




and got it going in no time. It doesn't need Jack to work, I'm now running it using a bog-standard in-built card.


It works quite well, but I still prefer StationPlaylist and have just got that running under Ubuntu using WINE. Of course Rivendell IS free :).

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