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Development Question?


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What else would you like to see in an Auto Dj / CDS?


Currently we offer


Stream to any host

FTP managed

Basic / Advanced Scheduling

Daily / Automatic / Random / Manual Playlisting

MP3 or AAC Support

Id3 Tag Support

Cue Support

Will play to SHOUTcast/Icecast2/Windows Media/Flash Media

MSN Messenger/Djpanel/Control Panel controlled


We are always looking to improve on functionality and thought you guys would be the best people to ask?


if anyone has any suggestions it would be great to see what else people are looking for..


Thanks Nick

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I have not heard that question asked in a while.....



I would like the interface to be effective, yet simple. I dont need 1000 sound tweeking noobs. I have already more than likely screwed with the output as much as I want and just slap it on the sserver afterwords.


So with that being said:



1) A safari/Html script that I can use to adjust everything.

Flash is nice, but when the broadband is crap while Im traveling, It does me no good. maybe an option to set between flash/java what you see is what you get and a more mobile solution.


Reason being? Crap happens. One day Im crusing and realise one of my DJ's screws with the auto schedual (wish I could lock this feature out from them) and have a song on repeat for 6 hours. Just bought my mobile LT for a mobile setup in the sands of the middle east, however I had to wait a day to fix this, even though I could access streams with my PSP (PSPradio, an AWESOME listening client), I couldnt surf to the AutoDJ though because my phone or PSP didnt support the client.


So accessability for when the poop goes down would always be nice.





2) Tutorials.


I want tutorials in an Auto DJ. A frame by frame tutorial. A video of operation. Something that I could watch and feel a little smarter with my radio automation after watching. I want my fellow DJ's .....



(got to run, to be continued)












KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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