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Co-Host Cutting you off...


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Ok so what do you all do about co-host cutting you off, you will be talking and they will cut you off and try to over power you vocally to get whats on their mind in?


Maybe im not letting him get in as much, but on the flip side i dont need to have someone cutting me off.


I dont want to be a douche' about it, but I am the host of the show, if i dont keep things going they get off track and such. How do you tell a co-host to stand down?


I thought maybe i could turn his mic down a bit, and so when he tries it, my vocals just keep pushing through?


Anyone has problems like this?



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This sounds like a personal issue between you and your co host. I know I had a problem at the college radio I was host for (evening show), and my co host, actually he wasn't even go host, he was technically an intern that just decided to come in the studio, but I allowed it....He would cut me off if I started reading the news, and it had something to do with Obama. At first, it was hillarious, the listeners loved it, which is why he is now on my show. However, most recently, he would do what you are explaining here, cutting me off and trying to over take the show. I know it is annoying, so I know how you feel, but I just literally sat him down, off air and explained "This is my show, I have a pre planned schedule of things that NEED to be broadcasted, and I cannot fulfill that plan unless you stop cutting me off!"


He even cut me off right before a promo break, with 4 seconds on the clock, I wasnt able to finish telling who that day's sponsor was!!!! That got me in trouble which caused him to get in trouble by me.


So, sorry for the long story, but the bottom line is, just sit down with him, explain that you go by a schedule and everything is planned out by the minute pretty much and he only talks when either you talk to him, or a legitimate time.


Hope that helps.



Jon Bova


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Its very hard to find a co-host who you can gell with. I work very well with my wife and one other show Host. For me the biggist problem was flow. Besides getting talked over, an other problem is the co-host who leaves a big gap before coming up their part which can sound a lot worse. Things just dont flow and it makes it hard work. For myself, if it dont gell, then the best way is flying solo.

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A co-host or as what is also known as a "side kick" is someone who has the empathy to cover gaps made by the "host" or he or she has to make some entertainment in between, tells news items etc etc

A good co-host can lift-up a radioset ... it has to be a kind of soulbrother (or sister) who has the same ideas of the way a particular radioset has to be made ...

If none of all this fix with the general attitude of your current co-host ...

1 advice = take somebody new and who has a fresh and open mind

Sometimes a co-host with less or no experience can make a great positive difference .. He or she is happy to get involved in something who has their interests and is mostly happy to "learn" new things.

Good Luck !

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