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UK Digital Switchover


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Hi Guys,


I was thinking about this a few days back after a lengthy talk with someone at ofcom (UK version of FCC) about our station, but neglected to ask them about it.


With the digital switchover for UK television freeing up the terrestrial TV band over the coming weeks, I wonder if ofcom will see an opportunity to use this as some sort of LPFM TV broadcast medium. Another thing is radio switchover, due in 2013 (or so i am led to believe), to digital. The nationals, bbc and the like, and group's are all set DAB now, in fact, most of them are there. So this frees up a lot of space on the terrestrial FM band. Do we think ofcom are going to realise that they could potentially reduce the number of pirates, by offering LPFM licences on these free frequencies, and make themselves a bit of that extra cash that they love so much?


Which leads me to another point? Would you take them up on it if it was offered? If so, what would be the main factors to look at for you? i.e. price, power output, restrictions etc.



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