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Must See Movies about broadcasting


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The Boat That Rocked

Pirate radio in the North Sea



Riders Of The Storm

Pirate TV on a airplane




Weird Al Yankovich owns a tv station



Good Morning Vietnam

Robin Williams as a military radio broadcaster in the Vietnam war


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Talk Radio - the story of a US "Shock Jock", based on a true story:-



FM - A kind of WKRP type comedy. Bears no resemblence to radio past or present - albums instantly start the moment they drop the needle on the vinyl/mics open on their own etc etc, but it's funny and an excuse to pack in as much music from the likes of Steely Dan, The Eagles and The Doobie Bros ....which is fine by me :)



My all time favourite has to be Good Morning Vietnam.

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Radio Caroline was indeed the most famous pirate radio broadcaster, however there were several offshore pirates that broadcast to the UK.


CNBC from the MV Borkum Riff.

Radio Atlanta from the MV Mi Amigo.

Wonderful Radio London from the MV Galaxy.

Radio Essex from a sunk WW2 Royal naval barge.

Radio Scotland from the former light ship Comet.

Swinging Radio England from the MV Laissez Faire.

Radio 270 from the MV Oceaan VII.

Laser 558 from the MV Communicator.


The only offshore pirate was Caroline.
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