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KiaOra again. Another Kiwi.


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Giday from Kiwi land from me. Hiya Johnny C from another forum.


I run an LPFM in South Auckland, Manurewa. Have been on air about three years. It's a hobby in my retirement. I'm a signwriter really, but got involved in tv production about nine years ago.


Hi Mariane. Kiwi land is still here waiting for you.


Crikey! So this forum is run by Ockers eh! How's things on the other side of the ditch? Due to Tectonic Plate movement we've moved about a foot closer to Aussie over the past 50yrs. Give us another million years or so and you'll be able to swing the Sydney Harbour Bridge about 45 degrees east and drive over here.




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Thank you Jinglemaster. Is that your studio? Looks pretty flash. How's things in the UK?


It is Johnny. However we're fighting it out. Round two starts soon. We're off to the Appeal Court.


Thank you Jinglemaster, Is that your flash looking studio?


Say Johnny. It's a total bugger actually. We're fighting back. We've a good legal team and we are ready to take on the big finance companies.


Hi Allan, I'm new here to. It's a very friendly place.

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