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Hey, I'm a new DJ. Dave (Saint) introduced me to this site and I'm really liking what I see!


My webcast is available several separate ways, but all the links take you to the same feed.


I've started building my own actual site, but the link only works in winamp, so far.


Anyway, any of the links in my signature work. Check me out, I play a WIDE variety of music and have more than 40 hours of music in my folder that's randomly shuffled when I can't dj. I'd appreciate your feedback.


There's just one small problem. The requests button at the 007sites.com don't work, but the email link does. Feel free to email me and your request will be played. I can email you back a time that I will and if you emailed a dedication, I can read that live, also.


Thanks again, and thanks for listening!

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You're welcome ...

and enjoy BW !


The request button can be a small issue ... it has to work if these config settings are made correct :

- Config > HTML section > make sure that all details are correct ... such as user, password, ftp.namedomain.us ...

If you are working on a shared webserver or subdomain its interesting to know that into the HTML window you can solve things by writing /wwwroot/

- Enable into your "Firewall" settings the SAM request exe - this makes it possible that the data created during a request is allowed to enter your pc or server where SAM is installed

- Config > requests > "enable requests"

- Config > requests > add the name of the website to the list of trusted IPs

ex : www.namedomain.us (don't use http://)

and if possible add the IP of your webspace to the list (ask provider)

- Refresh your "Music (Music All)" and click "Generate"

after that is done open your SAM FTP window and click now "Generate Playlists"

If all files (aka playlist pages) are uploaded by the SAM FTP to your webspace (website) you and your visitors has to be able to make requests at any time.

Hopefully we can help you get your request button working!!

Hope this was helpfull :biggrinthumb:

ps : be sure to use the "request proxy" script !

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Thank you SO much! The request system works now!!!! I love it! Thank you SO much yet again! My site is complete!! :)


EDIT: Very complete! Check out my signature... I kicked that awful listen2myradio.com to the curb and got online with gameservers.com! awesome, inexpensive, perfect :)


only running at 32kbps, with max load of 10 listeners until I know I can build a listener base :)

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SUPER ! :)

I just made a try and it works perfect


Just an idea :

- add your requested tracks into the bottom of the playlist

- set your tracks in queue untill a maximum of 3 or 4 tracks


Why ?

- people gonna be logged in during a longer time (untill they hear their requests)

- requests as ipBottom makes that they don't affect any sheduled sets ... if not your requests gonna be played "in front" of a sheduled radioset ...


Enjoy !

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Sorry to spoil the show but feel free to post a topic in any of our other forums if you need help with anything! When users seek help, they use the Search feature and they will most likely find the help from threads like this (but the search does not include the Introductions Forum ;))


Im glad GKR got your request system working!

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