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Testers Needed - FREE Windows Media Server

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We have a new Windows Media server with new software and need to get it tested out before we open it up to the public.

So, we if you are a Windows Media broadcaster (or want to become one) we will give you a free 50 slot server at 128k for 6 months if you test it out for us (for 1 month).

The following things need to be done:

  • You must broadcast 24 / 7 on it, except for minor downtime
  • You must give us status reports whenever you are having an 'issue'
  • We would prefer SAM broadcasters, but it doesn't matter. We need that because of MPM statistic relays
  • If we cancel the server, then we will give you a free Shoutcast server to finish out the 6 months

If that sounds good, then shoot us a PM or go to our website to LIVE SUPPORT to sign up.



Thanks !!

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