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Full Swing!

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Great news! I got out the ol' credit card and dusted it off... I'm now broadcasting live and have cut that crappy listen2myradio.com station out of my streams! The link below is fully operational! I was going to add a player to the page, but decided against it because the page reloads when a new song starts, which would restart the player. Anyway, check it out! I'll try to update here when I throw in a theme or something!


By the way, I LOVE soundtracks... the good ones... The Crow, Daredevil, Punisher... soundtracks almost always promise variety. Which is what I promise. So don't be surprised if I'm broadcasting my favorite soundtracks or different songs from different soundtracks.


Something else I'd love to do... play a song, then Weird Al's parody of it... what ya think? let me know. I wouldn't mind doing the same with remakes. Hehehe, had fun once... "Personal Jesus"... a friend of mine played two versions of it on his station just before letting me take over, then I said "I have manson's version, want me to start out with it?" OMG, so we did a "trinity" of sorts!!!! LOL. Anyway, catch ya around!

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